Chapter History

The Epsilon Sigma chapter of Delta Gamma became a colony on October 28, 1984. Alumnae and two local chapters recruited 300 girls and picked 80 of them as new members of Epsilon Sigma. Our first chapter house was a small three-bedroom home located on Lindo Paseo Drive. This chapter house provided residence for seven women.

Today we are lucky to have over 200 women recognized as active members of Epsilon Sigma. Our chapter house is now home to 40 women and a second home to other members who are always welcome to visit. We were lucky to celebrate Epsilon Sigmas 30 year anniversary in October 2014 with our Alumnae and sisters. We are always looking forward to the future years of this chapter.

Alumnae​ Chapter

Delta Gamma membership isn't just four years, it's for life! Check out what our alumnae chapter is up to! 

Epsilon Sigma | San Diego State University

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