Savannah is a Fall’ 18 from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a third-year student, double majoring in sociology and social work. She is dedicated to her studies and is looking forward to obtaining her master's degree in social work. Her career goals include becoming a child and family social worker in the state of California. Her bonds with her sisters flourished throughout her first few months in Delta Gamma. It wasn’t long before she was eager for more involvement and became the chapter's director of fundraising. In this position, Savannah developed her passion for Service for Sight. Today she leads the chapter with her whole heart, always striving towards growth and positivity. She is immensely appreciative of the life long sisterhood bonds she has created in Delta Gamma.

President: Savannah Ezell

Karly is a Fall 18 from San Jose, California. She is a third-year Political Science major with a minor in Social Work. After graduation in May of 2021, she plans to attend law school and practice criminal law. Karly’s favorite memory as a Delta Gamma is attending Lewis Institute last summer and meeting 90+ sisters from across the nation. At this leadership conference, she learned her strengths, values, and found her ‘why’?  Karly’s goal as vice president: social standards is to foster a Culture of Care and ensure that friendship, sympathy, and assistance are provided to all members. She wants her sisters to know that they will always have a safe space within Delta Gamma. She could not be more excited to work alongside a passionate and driven group of women!

vp social standards: Karly Brooks

Meri is a fall ’18 from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a second-year Financial Services major and is so excited to gain more experience from being vp: finance and to apply it to her future in the finance world. Her dream is to work in investment banking and stocks, and hopefully land on Wall Street one day. Meri fell in love with DG on Sisterhood day, where she got a glimpse into the truly strong bond the women in DG have. After being given a tour of the house, she felt right at home. As vp: finance, Meri wants to educate women on different financial obligations they will face as adults and also remain transparent about the chapter’s finances and financial status.  She is so honored to take on this position and continue to give back to the chapter that has given her so much.

vp finance: Meri Ganz

Bailey is a fall '18 from Glendora, California. She is a second-year Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences major. Her goals include moving on to earn her graduate degree and eventually work in a hospital as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Bailey knew DG was for her on the first few days of recruitment, but especially on Preference night when she got to witness the bond between the Delta Gamma women and met her soon-to-be big. Very quickly, Delta Gamma became a home away from home. As vp: programming, Bailey wants to create an organized calendar and host events in which bring her sisters even closer together. She is beyond honored to earn her position and loves being able to give back to the chapter that has already given her so much.

vp programming: Bailey Allison

Ally is a fall ’18 from Redondo Beach, California. She is a second-year Psychology major with a minor in Spanish and Interdisciplinary Studies. Ally is honored to serve her term as Epsilon Sigma’s vp: communications and has already been loving her experience on CMT so far. Going through recruitment, Ally looked to find a group of women she could be her true, authentic self with and is beyond happy to have found a home in DG. She knows that she is surrounded by some of the most beautiful women, inside and out, who constantly push her to be the best version of herself and love and support her for who she is. As vp: communications, Ally intends to keep all of the “behind the scenes” chapter operations running smoothly and organized no matter the circumstances and to keep all members up to date with necessary information at all times. She is looking forward to living in the brand new chapter house next year and spending quality time with her best friends and her amazing Chapter Management Team.

vp communications: Ally Levine

Isabelle is a Fall 18’ from the Bay Area. She is a sophomore Religious Studies major and working on a minor in Psychology. She hopes to go to graduate school and eventually work with children and their families. She loves to travel and go to concerts and festivals with her friends. She fell in love with DG on preference night, when she met her big and felt the love that holds the chapter together. The friendships she has made during her time in DG has motivated her to take on her position as vp: member education to help support the women in her chapter and educate the new members who will be the future of Delta Gamma.

vp member education: Isabelle Kremer

Kristin is a fall ‘18 from Huntington Beach, California. She is a third-year business marketing major and is honored to take on the position of go membership this year. Kristin fell in love with DG on pref night of recruitment when her soon to be big made her feel like she was home. She found her home in Delta Gamma and still feels that inspiration today. She is so proud of how far our chapter has grown in the last 2 years and cannot wait to see us continue to “Do Good.” But the thing she is looking forward to the most is recruitment and bringing home fall ‘20s who value and foster our high ideals.

vp membership: Kristen Riley

Angelica is a fall ’18 from Rancho Cucamonga, California. She is a second-year Psychology major minoring in Portuguese and hopes to be a School Psychologist one day. Angelica fell in love with Delta Gamma during recruitment as she met so many passionate and smart women. She is so thankful for the people DG has brought into her life. As vp: Panhellenic, Angelica hopes to be a resource and sister girls can lean on.

vp Panhellenic: Angelica Guzman

Paige Letson is a sophomore fall ‘18 from Orange County, California. She is studying hospitality and tourism management with an emphasis in hotel management. She is so excited to be able to serve Epsilon Sigma as vp: Foundation. Paige loves the outdoors, cooking and baking, and going to Disneyland. Philanthropy day of recruitment was the day that Paige fell in love with Delta Gamma and immediately felt a connection to Service for Sight. Paige hopes to provide many opportunities for her sisters to “Do Good” for the blind and visually impaired in our community.

vp Foundation: Paige Letson

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